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When God gives you an assignment, he also gives you a gift to share with others. These gifts may be free or conditional. Therefore both Prophet Elijah and Elisha were ordained religious and political prophets. They had both political and as well as religious gifts of performing miracles. Political in the sense that they dealt with kings in power by giving them divine direction and declare or pronounce God’s judgment if they disrobed; and religious in the sense that they can solve problems with their religious gift in the act of miracles. Both Prophet Elijah and Elisha were the first prophets to demonstrate to the nation of Israel that God can solve both personal and as well as political problems. Prophet Elijah fed the poor widow and her child for three and half years. Raised her child from dead. Religiously, he plagued the nation of Israel with drought because of worshiping foreign gods known as idolatry. Militarily command fire from heaven and consumed the armies that came to arrest him as part of his political activity. Religiously command fire from heaven and consumed his sacrifice at mount camel. Divided the River Jordan and ascended into heaven alive in a chariot of fire. Now his mantle fell on Elisha who divided the River Jordan, militarily commanded she bears and killed the forty-two young boys that insulted him. Blind the eyes of the Syrian armies that came to arrest him; feed Israel with food items from the Syrian camps through the two leapers. Healed Naman the Syrian of his leprosy. Made the barren rich woman that fed him and his servant became pregnant with child. Militarily commanded the water of Edom turned to blood to scare them away from Israel. Raised a child from dead. Made an iron axe floated on the water and others. Jesus Christ our Lord performed signs and wonders apart from teachings likewise his disciples. He gave his disciples specific instructions as he sent them out to preach and heal the sick. He said they most not collect money in exchanges of healing the sick and expel demons. He said “…carry no purse”. And He said.”freely you receive and freely you should give”. But said that they must eat and drink in the house they receive them. “For a laborer deserve his wage”. Now the question is did Jesus not receive money from people he healed? Did those people not show appreciation? . The answer is, if he did not receive money, then how come about Judas whom they accused of stealing money from their treasury. In his contact with the Woman of Samaria, we are told that the disciples went to buy meat. Can they buy meat or food in the market with empty hand? Peter was embarrassed by tax collector and went to his master perhaps with the intention that they will put their hand into their treasury to help him out but instead he perfumed a miracle of getting out the money from a fish belly caught by hook. That means throughout the three years of his ministry, he and his disciples had been paying tax to the Roman government from their treasury therefore no body accused him or his disciples of not paying tax. Therefore in that case “feely you receive and freely give” takes another dimension and this is what we are going to took at it critically. It now appears that Jesus receive money from people he healed not by charging them but those who show appreciation of what he had done including his disciples. Also in the scripture, we read that one of the ten leapers he healed returned and thanked him. So other people had been thanking him with gifts which he did not reject because he also said “A laborer deserve his wage” , At the time of arrest he told his disciple to buy sword and peter said already we have two with us. So they bought sword for themselves for security reason in case of being attack; so Peter did not waste time to cut off Marcus ear when his master was arrested. So, the lesson we gather here is that charging is not acceptable but appreciation is acceptable because the gift of God is free. You did not buy it with money so pass it on to others without money. Now how do we help people who never appreciate God of what he had done in their lives? The simple answer is to teach them how to appreciate God specially the man of God who interceded on their behalf because so many people can easily give to women and friends but not the men of God. So many people that are healed later found out that the sickness or problem return to them. One of the reasons is that they cannot appreciate God because they assumed that it is free. You cannot give to God personally because you cannot see him but is the man of God that you see. Now since you cannot see the man of God, then all what you give out to the man of God as an appreciation to what God has done to you is known as “seed”. When you plant you open the ground and put in your seed and cover the ground so that you no longer see the seed; the same applies when you sow your seed through the man or Prophet of God. As the seed later grows so your blessing grows and bear fruits in abundance. Therefore you reap in abundance through the man of God that represents the land in which you sow your seed. You sow your seed on a rich soil. So the man of God is the soil in which you sow your seed ; and the soil is the anointing of the man of God. Now as it grows you did not end there, you come back again and sow another ; Note that the quantity of seed you sow will determine your plants and you will reap in abundance. So the more you sow the more your blessing multiplies. Out of selfishness if you show little, so you will reap little and sometimes become a curse to you proving that you do not appreciate what God has done to you. For example, a man of God interceded on your behalf and you won contracts worth of millions of dollars out of which you made lot of profit worth of thousands of Dollars only for you to come back to the man of God and give him USD 1000.00. Although the man of God may still tell you ‘THANK YOU” but not with all his heart. In that moment, what he feels about your offer is what God feels because he lives in him and performs the miracle in your live. That contract will fail one day and you will still go to him for prayer. Do you think he will open his heart and pray for you even though he pretents?. Even his angel will frown at you because you are selfish. So giving to the man of God is the sowing of seed based on appreciation and you must sow bountifully as the Lord blesses you believing that the more you sow the more you reap in abundance. Do not be tempted by the devil telling you that you are making the man of God to be very rich by sowing that seed into his life. Saphara and Ananias faced dead penalty when they hold back part of their portions of land they intended to give to God which they want to sow as seed. Now the above lecture shows you how you can sow your seed by appreciating God of what he had done to you. Now our next lecture is how to sow a seed as sacrifice in order to attract the blessing of God or based on what you want from God. This seems to be difficult but it is rewarding. First in the list was Abraham who was asked to offer his only son as sacrifice to God and he obeyed. Abraham was to be blessed to become the father of all nations but God wanted him to sow the seed of faith first. God blessed Abraham and was very rich in cattle, male and female servants, rich in gold and silver as well. But God knew that if he asked him any of these he will not feel it so much therefore he asked him of his only son Isaac in order to test his faith. So he obeyed and when he sows the seed of faith by expressing his willingness to kill his only son; it was at that point that God stopped him by providing him with a ram for the sacrifice. It was after this test that God blessed him. Also Sarah was blessed with the fruit of the womb when she first of all fed the angels of the Lord in her husband tent; likewise the rich women in the case of Elisha. Also the widow Elijah blessed was tested of her faith by sowing her flower and oil to bake a cake for him to eat first before she and her child could eat. As she did, she and her child ate for three and half years until the rain returned. The widow mite is a seed of faith which Jesus confirmed that she had sown more than all of them because she swept all her house. So seed sowing by faith is different from sowing seed by appreciation of what God has done to you already. You must sow your seed of faith in the same proportion as sowing by appreciation. That means you must sow bountifully and something worthy of appreciation. That is why it becomes a sacrifice based on the fact that you have not even seen what you are asking for with you own eyes but you are appreciating God in advance by faith and you believe God will all your whole heart that it will be done according to your faith. In that case you have committed God to act on your own case. In other words, you have already registered your matter and your file is already opened to the treated. Your own case will be considered first before others and that is the advantage of sowing by faith first. It takes care of your fasting and prayers because the seed of faith you offered is speaking on your behalf in heaven and your angel have already presented your file before the table of the Almighty God. That is the power behind seed sowing by faith. As a woman looking for the fruit of the womb, you should be aware that the time of conception varies from one woman to another depending on the circumstances surrounding a particular woman like your own case. From the time you show your seed of faith, the heavenly doctors and nurses will begin to work on your body system systematically including that of your spouse. Sometimes, the problem might be from him. So it is better that both of you agree in one heart and sow the seed of faith and not you alone. Show no doubt when sowing your seed of faith. Do not say “LET ME TRY THIS MAN”. It will take normally three and half years to bring the body system to normal and conception. Some could take few weeks or months and you begin to experience these reactions and they will open your eyes through dream and vision to show you what is going on. Doctors may not detect it from the time of the conception until about few months later. There are symptoms that shows when a woman is being pregnant like vomiting and so on but you may not experience those signs like Siki mother’s case. It may be hard for others to believe that you are pregnant; they may consider it to be fibroid. Please do not take unnecessary medication. Consult your doctor and please always inform me of all development so that I can give you spiritual direction and guidance as the month progressess My address. Phone: +2348034505063


Banks lending requires the security of paying back the loan amount by taking into consideration your, credit and financial strength. In case your credit or financial situation is weak, you would be require to produce a Guarantor which will be of a good financial and credit standing to ensure the repayment of the loan. Now from the above example. it is very important to make a vow in addition to the seed you show by faith. The vow stands as a promise that if God grant your request you will fulfill your vow in addition to the seed you have shown. The rule is that what you have vowed will be higher than the seed you have shown. Therefore, in lending situation, you also present a Guarantor to strengthen the loan request. The items you use such as land, income producing property, guarantor etc are known as “collateral” is the security you are using to secure the repayment of the loan and that is what a vow does. The collateral you use as security must he of a very high values. Banks may normally loan you unto at least 50 percent of the value of your collateral. For example. If you are using an estate to secure the land, it must be appraised by experts in order to determine the current and future market value at the time of the repayment of the loan; and based on that report, the bank may loan you for only about 50 percent of the appraised value so that in case you fail to pay the loan. they can still sell it without lost because there is still sufficient equity or high value in the property based on the apprised value. Therefore the vow you are presenting should be higher than the seed you show and that does not mean that you must be very rich but based on your current financial situation. In lending we have what is called “ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE” In that case you can use the same property you wish to Buy to secure the loan. For example if you are buying a land, you can lease out part of it to a third party and you use the lease payment as a security to pay off the loan. In vowing, you can use your child for a vow as Hannah did by using Samuel which she fulfilled. But the law is that you must not vow when already you are pregnant; you should vow by using your child only when you are yet to be pregnant. The problem is that you do not know the destiny or assignment of the child you have already conceived in you womb. You do not know if he is going to become a circular musician, occult master, or another Judas Iscariot or Antichrist. So never you vow even if your child is born and right in you hand and fall sick upto the point of dead. When you vow before pregnancy, God will automatically send you a priest to your womb that shall do his work all the days of his life. If you vow after pregnancy, you are placing a curse on the child if he fails to do God’s work after he had grown up and would find life very difficult and would be half way and not being balanced throughout his entire life time. Several men of God may tell him “YOU WILL DO GOD’S WORKS” but he cannot be very comfortable with his situation and finds it very difficult to do God's work because that was not his assignment or destiny but was forced by his mother’s vow. For example, if he goes in as a trained Pastor, he will be behaving strangely and cannot cooperate with is superiors in the ministry and he will fall out. Even though he opens a church of his own, it cannot stand because that was not his real calling. So you must only vow before conception. Also they must be no gender discrimination as regards male or female. God can use either of them. Today women are making wave in the ministry and very successful than men. For counseling about pregnancy issue, write me by this email address or call +2348034505063 Remain blessed.

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A woman with a bag of water in her tummy later give birth to baby girl named “SIKI” Prophet Goodnews Adolphus is a blessing to many barren women that has become mothers of children miraculously. Not only is he the advocates for women as reveals in most of his articles but also a blessing of God to them specially the barren women and those that has complicated issues regarding child birth like the story of prophet Elijah and the widow he blessed with sufficiency of flour and oil and Prophet Elisha and the rich childless women that latter gave birth to a child. Apart from the gift of healing and deliverance, he is very famous in the area of performing miracle in the life of childless women all over the world just through email and phone calls. Recently, a certain man in London called him on phone for prayers on the behalf of his wife as he answered his call saying “HELLO” he fell down on the floor under the anointing of God. The prophet waiting and found out that although the line was on but there was no respond so he shifted off his phone in Nigeria. Just some few minutes later, he received another call; as he picked up the phone it was another voice who said to him “ sorry for the cut off; the man that you were about to speak with is on the floor and he has not done so before. Then the prophet knew that it was the anointing of the LORD that knocked him down based on the fact that the man in question has great respect and fear about him before now based on his international prophetic powers and teachings; as he hard his voice for the first time, the anointing of God fell on him and he had been delivered of any problem he had instantly. There are several cases where people got healed just at the sound of his voice if they called him with full faith and believe in his anointing and not doubting by taking him to be one of those end-time false prophets. In this articles, he I am going to use one of those barren women as a case-study about delivering women from total barrenness. A woman in Nigeria by name Gold Tamunosiki Monday was declared barren by several medical doctors because they found a huge bag of water in her Tommy that flushes of the blood as it was about to develop to baby. It operates as fibroid by preventing her pregnancy. Doctors warned that if she operates, she would loose her life in the process because the water bag is mysterious; so alternatively she should adopt a child instead. This woman had visited several great men of God in the past but no solution. As he heard of Prophet Goodnews Adolphus miraculous power in the area of barrenness, she hugged her husband to go with her to visit him in his church. On their arrival, the prophet x-ray her spiritually and confirmed what the doctors have said that she cannot bear any child throughout her life time because of the water bag in her womb cased by water spirit but God will give her a new womb to carry the baby and shall be water resistance so that the water cannot have effect on the child. So he prayed for both of them and prophesied to them and they left after they sowed the seed of faith and made vows as directed by the man of God. In the night, the miracle began. The angel of the Lord ministering to Prophet Goodnews Adolphus which is archangel Gabriel visited her as he did to the Virgin Mary of old. He came with heavenly doctors and Nurses and they placed her in a hospital bed and began to operate her by removing an object that looked like a basket already damaged in her womb and replaced it with a new one. This new basket object will carry the baby in her womb but is water resistance like the story of Moses placed in a basket waterproofed against water penetration along the River Nile. After the whole operation in the dream, she opened her eyes and shocked at what she saw for the first time in her life. Later she felt like urinating and she kept urinating seriously for two years suspected to be diabetes infection. The urine is to lessen the water bag in her tummy before she can take in the new baby. Therefore her tummy was divided into two. One part on the left carrying the baby and the left hand side containing the water bag. In that case, the position of the baby was so secured that the water could not affect the baby anymore and that signifies the spiritual basket that was planted in her womb to protect the baby before she took in. The child developed upto nine months to be put to birth but it is still very dangerous to push out the baby together with the water bag and will suffocate to death. Therefore, the heavenly doctors did two things; first they released the bag of water that bust out from her tummy and field the whole floor of the labor room . Everybody surprised to see the large quantity of water that came out from her tummy and they even concluded that the water was the pregnancy and there was no baby in her womb. As the water came out by paving the way, the baby now shifted from the other side and move downward close to her Virgina in readiness to be pushed out. But the angels waited for about thirty minuets for her to regain strength and for the cleaning off of the watery flood. Late she said “ I want to push again” and they thought it was the placenta but to their greatest surprise, the said placenta came out together with a baby girl . It was a perfect job God did. She is now in conception with anther child and before she took in she saw same revelation she saw before she put to birth although there was some difference and since she had released the water bag, she might not experience it again as Siki’s case being the first fruit of her womb without any medical operation and a native midwife delivered her safely in her own labor room and not by an experienced and advanced medical doctor. So it means by next year around October she will be put to birth according to the recent vision she saw. This is based on the fact that her own case of putting to birth is unusually quite unlike other women. The miraculous birth of Siki really serves as an experiment to the Prophet because this woman cannot bear child according to doctors report which is quite correct but there was a supernatural intervention. The prophet took time and interviewed this Lady about her own experience from the time of conception to the time of delivery; he discovered that conception under such circumstances, does not experience the normal symptoms of pregnancy such as vomiting and so on. The midwives complained that she did not bleed out enough blood to flush off the bad ones in order to cleanses her tummy unlike other women. So the angels did their job very well else she would have experienced another swollen stomach of bad blood which could be very dangerous to her health but she is very sound in hearth likewise her baby which is about four years old. For full detailed photograph of Siki, see the link below. Prophet Goodnews Adolphus prophecies always ranges from the first day to three and half years time frame . This was in 2008 but the prophecy about the her child bearing was given in 2005. So she gave birth within 3 years. Now if she put to birth by next year then it will still fall within that range counting from 2008 because he is operating under the mantle of Prophet Elijah of old. But however the longevity of time depends on the circumstances surrounding the women in question as every system of her body including the husband should be put in a perfect state before conception take place after the prophecy is given by the prophet. Others may take a very shorter time almost instantaneous. His miraculous power lies in his prophetic power and not by serious prayers and fasting. For example recently in the month of April this year, he visited a woman and her husband that are working in the vineyard of the Lord but had no child since after wedding. It is about 6 years now. The Lord sent him to visit them but he kept the matter secret. On his arrival, they entertained him by serving with me soft drinks and foods. After eating and drinking, they sow a seed to his life and for his prophetic ministry. Then he smiled and said in his heart, It appears that the holy spirit that ministered to Abraham to serve the angels with food and drinks that came to bless him with child is also working on this couple. Then he said to them, now that you have sown your seed I will also sow my seed. Women when I visit you next time your tummy will be swollen up with baby as you did to my own tummy. You will begin to see children around your table in Jesus name” and they shout with a loud voice “AMEN” So he left in faith believing that his word will come to past. Now in month of September about five months later, he visited them again as he was instructed of the Lord. He knocked at their door, and the woman heard his voice and came out and welcomed me with a swollen stomach. At the time of this writing she is seven month pregnant. She will be put to birth by later December or January. There are several testimonies about other women too but let me stop her. Here, blood group or genotype, over aged is no a barrier. God can do anything if you request by faith and believe in the Prophet of God and you do as he tells you by the revelation of God, you will give your own testimony like others. You may contact him by phone PROPHET GOODNEWS ADOLPHUS +2348034505063 , email: